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The company

Lusian Coppers is a portuguese company specialized in copper articles, for cookware, kitchenware, decoration and distillation systems.

Being copper a nobel metal par excellence, all items are produced respecting high standards of quality, manufactured by experienced craftsmen, whose expertise in the art of working copper was acquired along generations, resulting in each piece produced being itself unique and incomparable. However, there are also within our product range, some articles that use already in their manufacture, processes more mechanized, nevertheless maintaining always their high quality, a primordial condition of our company.

Along with the values of tradition that we always try to maintain, we also have as a priority the innovation of some of our articles, always trying to create new lines and designs according to new market trends. A portion of our production is also related to exclusives, which also makes an important role and are intended for selected customers interested in unique and exclusive articles.

The high search, allied to general satisfaction from our worldwide clients who have been desposit successively over the years their trust and loyalty in our company, are clear evidence of the high quality in our articles, result of knowledge acquired in this area over more than 30 years.

WELCOME to Lusian Coppers, Lda.

The modern times we live in made us forget the old values and traditions that have been left by our ancestors and which were transmitted through the ages from generation to generation.

This new world has been leaving behind these ancient traditions and opted instead for new methods, that although they revolutionized the world, particularly in terms of technology, opting for faster and easiers procedures for large scales, however failed to completely erase these old customs and traditions, true heritage of our people. It is in this way that our company chose to preserve these traditions which we inherit, in our case in the copperware manufacturing, which are produced with all the mastery at the hands of our craftsmen, as can be seen on the high quality patent in our products, which still use in their production all the wisdom and knowledge left by these ancestors.

However, we are always alert to new developments that arise day after day, seeking thus always correspond to newly emerging trends, nevertheless without leaving erasing the genuine splendour of the past.