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Copper Distillation System



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Copper Distillation System

In these last years we have been assisting to a rediscovery of the way of life that is being recovered from the old traditions. This distillation system is one example and it was projected and designed following the best method to obtain a better quality of the distilled substance. It uses first quality copper in order to obtain better distillation results. This model was thought more for the domestic use and the person who use this system does not need to have many knowledges about distillations. This distillation system is recommended to distill essential oils, alcoholic drinks and floral essences. Due to its good system of fence, there will not be need using own mass to seal the vapours, like it is necessary to do many times with other models of alembics. It will be needed only alcohol or the lamp, and of course, the substance to distill.

Reference: 7001
Size: 1,25L - 6L