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Copper Alembic Still



With Spring Thermometer Application:

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Copper Alembic Still "Bain Marie"

This system is produced using a double boiler, thereby creating a double chamber in which water is placed. The alembic has an outlet tube to release pressure generated in the outer chamber. Since the external boiler contains water, it is recommended to monitor and at the end of each distillation should check the level of water present (it is recommended to fill in until 75% of the capacity of the external camera), and if necessary, to increase the amount of water that has evaporated. This dual chamber system prevents direct contact of the material to distill with the heat source, avoiding the risk of these being burned, providing a uniform and constant temperature, essential for the distillation process and obtaining a clean and pure distillate. The unions of this alembic still are soldered to allow in this way a perfect impermeability. This still can be used in the distillation of alcoholic beverages, for essential oils and floral waters.

Reference: 7039
Size: 10L - 100L