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Copper Alembic Still for Steam Distillation


With Spring Thermometer Application:

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Copper Alembic Still for Steam Distillation

This alembic still model is ideal to carry out a steam distillation, due to its removable copper sieve tray that is placed in the middle of the pot/boiler being in this way recommended to distill essential oils and flower essences. In this alembic still model the substances to distill are placed in the top of the copper sieve tray and in the down part is placed the water necessary to create the vapours. In this way the substances will not be in contact with water below. Our stills are manufactured with high quality copper and strong thickness. We use high purity tin and copper solder in the alembic still joints, avoiding in this way a construction free of lead. This alembic still model can be used for the distillation of alcoholic drinks, essential oils and flower waters.

Reference: 7021
Size: 3L - 10L